About Stacy

Stacy Rappaport-Thomes is a Professional Organizer who has been helping others organize their homes since 2009. 

She created Strive to Organize out of her sheer passion for helping people simplify their lives. Her goal is to help people take back control over their “stuff” and empower them to achieve their dream of living in a clutter-free, functional environment. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Antioch University and a Professional background in Television Production and Development (for companies such as The Jim Henson Co., Saban and Fox) Stacy has always been uber organized and excelled at organizing projects and people. Over the last several years, Stacy has developed the reputation of being one of the best Home Organizers in Los Angeles. With a growing list of clients from stay-at-home moms to busy celebrities, Stacy continues to pour her soul into helping to motivate others to follow her motto of "Less is More" in a safe, non-judgemental manner.

Stacy currently resides in Woodland Hills, California with her husband Chris, two children, Samantha and Ryan and their dog Mitzi.

Strive to Organize

In today's chaotic world, organization and simplification can be the key to success in so many areas of life. 
Stacy wants to help YOU take control and achieve your dream of living in a clutter-free, functional environment. 

Life is ever changing. Sometimes we are just too busy, too overwhelmed or simply over committed to keep everything in order and maintain a healthy balance. If you feel you are ready to simplify the clutter and live in a more stress free, functional environment, let's get started!