Girl Power


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With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and having worked in excess of 15 years with children and families, Lisa has found that parents and their pre-teen/teen daughters commonly address the same issues- the desire to “fit in” with their peers, moodiness, needing privacy, expressing concern for their physical appearance, challenging the rules of their parents and others in the world, academic pressures, and the obsession with social media – pretty much the entire gamut of young adulthood!

Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in the area of child development and education. The scope of her experience has been working in school, clinical, and social service settings for many years. She facilitates social skills groups for elementary and middle school students, teaches bullying prevention, and teaches intervention strategies. 

Most importantly, Lisa strives to educate and build awareness amongst tweens and teens that allow for personal growth and positive self esteem. Lisa lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband and two daughters who are her biggest blessings in life.