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Jen's Practical Parenting

     Jen was born and raised in Encino, CA.  She graduated college from San Diego State University where she was an active member of Gamma Phi Beta.  She has 4 brothers, 2 of whom are married with children and live in the Los Angeles area and has always been extremely family-oriented. 

     Jen married Mike Levinson, in 2002. Their first son, Zachary, was born 9 months later.  In July, 2005, they had identical twin boys, Ben and Josh.  Imagine her surprise when she found out that she was expecting ANOTHER set of identical twin boys soon after!  Her second set of identical twins, Matthew and Joey, were born in May, 2008, expanding her family to 5 boys, all under the age of 6! 

     How Jen’s List began: While pregnant with her first set of twins, and on bed rest for 5 months, Jen would read all types of magazines, watch informative television and research different things on the web then email the info to a few friends (8-10) about what she found.  She thought it was fun and found that sharing what she knew/learned with others really helped everybody.  No sense in keeping it to herself…right?!

     Strictly by word of mouth, the “Jen’s List” email/networking group has now grown to over 20,000 families (and growing every day) all around the LA area!  It is hard to believe what Jen’s List has evolved into . . . but nobody is complaining!  

     In addition to being founder and author of the super popular ‘Jen’s List’ daily newsletter and blog, Jen is a stay at home mom, was Parent Faculty Association President at her kids’ elementary school, a board member of the school district’s educational foundation and more!  Jen and her family have a chocolate lab named Daisy and a kitty who thinks she's a dog!

​     Jen wouldn’t change a thing about her life.  She considers herself very lucky and loves every (well most every) minute of it! 

"You heard it right - five boys with two sets of identical twins . . .  There is NEVER a dull moment in my life!"

Jen Levinson

Jen's List